Top Questions and Answers

Top Questions and Answers

  • How do I book accessible seating?

    We endeavour to make our performances accessible to as many people as possible. Let us know at the time of your booking on 9243 9191 if you have any special requirements regarding seating and we will accommodate your request in one of our designated accessible seating areas in the theatre.

  • How do I get to the theatre?

  • Where can I park my car?

  • Do I need to purchase a ticket for a baby, toddler or young child?

  • Can children attend performances unattended?

  • Can I take a pram into the theatre?

  • Can I bring my own food to the Clocktower Centre?

  • Can I take photos in the theatre?

  • Can I get a refund for or exchange my ticket?

  • Do you have concession or youth prices?

  • Can I upgrade a concession or Under 30s ticket to a full price ticket?

  • I have lost my ticket – what do I do now?

  • I purchased my tickets online – what do I do now?