Unleashed ’19

15 Jun at 7pm

Pole Divas is proud to present their most anticipated annual student competition UNLEASHED! Unleashed brings together our top performing students from all 6 Pole Divas studios around Victoria. They are fierce, strong and incredibly entertaining. This year we are celebrating 15 YEARS of Unleashed, it's going to be a spectacular night.

Pole Divas is renowned for showcasing the best amateur pole dancers in Victoria at Unleashed, as well as performing a killer, award winning instructor opening show. This year we are so pumped to also bring you a closing act choreographed and performed by the incredible, Miss Filly. What will the Divas bring to the stage this year?

Unleashed has been the breeding ground for so many well-known Australian, pole dancing champions including Miss Filly, Lou Landers, Kristy Sellers, Mischka, Veronica Waite, Dani Blyszak, Fontaine and many more!

Our 15th year will BRING more SASHIES for our hard-working students:
Beginners - 1st, 2nd
Intermediate - 1st, 2nd
Advanced - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Elite - 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Doubles - 1st, 2nd

We hope to see at Unleashed 2019!

Duration: Approximately 4 hours, with breaks 

Adult $70
Child (13 or under) $35
Group of 10 or more  $65 per ticket

Looking to purchase 10 tickets or more? Please call our Box Office on 9243 9191 to arrange your booking.

If you require a wheelchair space, please contact the Box Office on 9243 9191 to arrange your booking.

Everyone over 18 months requires a ticket. Note that this event is not suitable for anyone under 13 Years of age. 

This event may contain the following: 
Offensive language
Mature themes 
Smoke/haze or strobe lighting
Nudity/sexual content