Buckley Park College presents The Dress Code

17 Aug at 7pm

One fashion house is rich, powerful and superficial. They have long been the dominating force in the fashion world. That is, perhaps...until now. But these high-fashion trendsetters also have many secret, underage workers at their disposal. These employees are overworked and underpaid, but could they be the ones to bring down this mighty fashion force? Across town and fresh to the fashion scene, is a young, independent fashion house.

They use sustainable materials to make clothing, they’re all about being economically and environmentally friendly. They’re hip and up with the times. They’re the future. A force to be reckoned with. But can they match it with the rich and powerful or will their good morals be put to the test? Who will dress for the occasion? Who will conquer the fashion scene? Who will wear their heart on their sleeve? WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE?!

Adult $30
Child (18 and under) $25
Student (FT) $25
Concession (All) $25
Family (2 Adults/2 Children or Concession) $95

Note: Smoke/Haze/Strobe lighting may be used during the performance.

Looking to buy more than 10 tickets? Call us on 9243 9191.

If you require a wheelchair space, please contact us on 9243 9191 to arrange your booking.

Children over 18 months require a ticket.